City of Hills and Elevators

Valparaíso is made up of more than forty hills, each one with its own stories, secrets and identity. In turn, it is the city with the most elevators in the world!

Cultural Capital of Chile

If we talk about culture, Valparaíso has a lot to offer. A wide cultural artistic offer that includes festivals, exhibitions, concerts, fairs, galleries and much more. Culture is lived in Valparaíso!

Place of Unique People

Fishermen, craftsmen, artists, students, entrepreneurs, sailors, soccer players, musicians, writers and much more, give life to the intense local daily activity. Unique people who inhabit a unique place!

City of Murals & Graffiti

Valparaíso is the most colorful city in Chile and one of the world capitals of street art. A large number of murals and graffiti cover its walls, in addition to its colorful houses and stairs!

Where the sea is the protagonist

A natural amphitheater whose stage is the sea. From all the hills you can see the bay and its incessant activity. The port was Valparaíso's first opportunity and to this day it remains its main industry.

Gastronomic Destination

If you are a foodie, Valparaíso will be a very interesting place on your trip. From street food to the most elegant national and international restaurants are waiting for you.

Nostalgic Harbor

A city that longs to recover its glorious past. This important factor has inspired artists from all disciplines to dedicate their works to it. Without a doubt, Valparaíso is and will be an attractive muse that captivates and enchants.

World Heritage Site

Since 2003 Valparaíso has held the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to its high historical value for having witnessed another civilization known as early globalization.